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Hi again Pip

Thanks for adding the current speed (as option) again.
Would I be forcing it too much asking you to be able to choose it to show up in a bigger letter size? Just a thought. Thanks!

14.12.11, 03:37:54



Nokia 5800XM (S60 5th), Sony Xperia arc S, Google Nexus 4
sure, will do that for the next version...

piPOIAlert changelog / roadmap

wenn dir piPOIAlert gut gefällt, würde ich mich sehr über eine gute bewertung im entsprechenden store freuen
14.12.11, 03:45:27


(Junior Member)

Thanks man, I´ll appreciate big sized numbers speed freuen

...By the way my main car dashboard (twingo I digital) is currently presenting some visualization issues - that I´m planning to fix - and the speed option just came handy...
14.12.11, 11:48:19
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