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I have installed piPOIAlert on my Nokia E52, and it working great except for one problem. Everytime I start the application, after few seconds I can see that the phone is trying to connect to internet (in fact when I had the data connection enabled it did connect me to internet with consequent charges).

Any clue on how to solve this issue?
15.05.12, 11:21:22



Nokia 5800XM (S60 5th), Sony Xperia arc S, Google Nexus 4
hey blob,
piPOIAlert does not connect to the internet at any time.

you probabaly have a-gsp (assisted gps) in your symbian positioning settings enabled which by default connects to the internet to speedup your gps fix. if you don't want that functionality just disable agps in your symbian positioning settings...

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wenn dir piPOIAlert gut gefällt, würde ich mich sehr über eine gute bewertung im entsprechenden store freuen
15.05.12, 11:25:31



Indeed that was the problem.

Thanks a lot for your help and for the quick reply.
15.05.12, 12:51:44
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