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i wanna buy piPOI Alert to install in my Nokia 5230 phone. I have no phone line in this phone, i´ll use it just as a GPS.
When i try to download it on Ovi Store, i don't have the option to download via PC, just with a SMS. But i don't have a phone line in this phone.
How can i buy the software and install it on my phone?

16.05.12, 20:36:54



Nokia 5800XM (S60 5th), Sony Xperia arc S, Google Nexus 4
changed of: pip - 16.05.12, 21:00:43

hey tacow,
unfortuantely, the by nokia signed version is only available in the nokia store ... i'm not allowed to distribute it any other way. however, i have an unsigned version which i could manually sign for your cell phone. just email me your IMEI number (*#06#) ... there is a paypal donation link on the piPOIAlert product side ;-)

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wenn dir piPOIAlert gut gefällt, würde ich mich sehr über eine gute bewertung im entsprechenden store freuen
16.05.12, 21:00:11
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