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Well doesnt work on N8

your converter page .... hmmmm

why dont you have GPX to whatever yours is

very frustrating product
No getting started guide
No blank file to get started

28.07.11, 01:50:42



Nokia 5800XM (S60 5th), Sony Xperia arc S, Google Nexus 4
changed of: pip - 28.07.11, 02:35:56

hi whatsa,
thanks for your feedback. i'm glad you found the way to this forum.

i would recommend to use a newer version, symbian^3 (n8) is definitely supported! the newest version (v1.05) with the most functionality is available in the ovi store. the newest version which is free of charge is v1.04...

what's wrong with the converter page? i would be happy to improve it if you have any suggestions. if you want i'll create a converter for gpx files. where do you get those files from? (that would make it easier to detect key words etc)

a blank file ... ok, almost blank file comes with piPOIAlert. it is located on your cell phone in !:\data\iPOIAlert directory. furthermore, the help explains how the poi file has to look like.

piPOIAlert changelog / roadmap

wenn dir piPOIAlert gut gefällt, würde ich mich sehr über eine gute bewertung im entsprechenden store freuen
28.07.11, 02:34:15
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